Pastor’s Reflection for May 26, 2019

Sixth Sunday of Easter

True and pure love is the most powerful motivator known to mankind. If we think about it, many things motivate us to act. Some for good, others for evil. For example: hunger, greed, desire for revenge, popularity or fame, pride, peer pressure, pleasure, intellectual curiosity, the instinct for survival, and the list could go on and on. Yet, true love remains more powerful than any other motivation...Continued…



     Our Readers, Eucharistic Ministers Ushers & Altar Servers

Saturday Reader/EM:    Daniel Strogis, Hazel Arruda (EM)

May 25   Ushers:         John Robert Clemente, John Phelps

5:00PM   Altar Servers: Isaac A., Adrian A., Vince A.

Sunday   Readers/EM:  James Dillon, Mary Ann Behnke (EM)

May 26    Ushers:         Mike Monticello, Romie Powell

8:00AM    Altar Servers:  Abby B., Joseph B., Shane B.

Sunday     Readers/EM: Jesse Evans, Joyce Cyrus (EM)

                 Ushers:            Ron Lloyd, Craig Lawson

10:30AM    Altar Servers: Grace S., Joseph L., Christopher E.

Counters:     Chris & Tina Riley, Thomas Allsbury


Saturday:  Readers/EM:   Ray Lonick, Patricia Harbin (EM)

Jun 01       Ushers:           John Clemente, John Robert Clemente

5:00PM  Altar Servers:  Isaac A., Adrian A., Vince A.

Sunday  Readers/EM: Joe Pauli, Cheryl Pauli (EM)

Jun 02       Ushers:              Mike Monticello, Gordon Genovese

8:00AM  Altar Servers:    Eric M., Matthew, M.

Sunday    Readers/EM:   Carolyn Comes, Joyce Cyrus (EM)                             

June 02  Ushers:          Ron Lloyd, David Bowman

10:30AM Altar Servers:     Christopher E., Peter E., Jackson M.

Counters:     John & Carol Keeney, Jesse Evans

Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 8

  • Confession – 4:00 pm
  • Mass – 5:00 pm

Sunday, June 9, Pentecost Sunday

  • Mass – 8:00 am
  • Mass – 10:30 am

Monday, June 10

  • Mass – 8:30 am
  • Legion of Mary – 12:00 pm

Tuesday, June 11

  • Mass – 8:30 am
  • Women of Grace – 9:30 am

Wednesday, June 12

  • Mass – 12:15 pm
  • VBS Planning Meeting – 6:00 pm
  • Choir Practice – 6:00 pm

Friday, June 14

  • Mass – 12:15 pm
  • Adoration – 1:00 pm

Saturday, June 15

  • Confession – 4:00 pm
  • Mass – 5:00 pm

Sunday, June 16

  • Mass – 8:00 am
  • Mass – 10:30 am