St Isidore the Farmer Catholic Church
Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes- October 3, 2016

I. In attendance: Fr. Staples, Mike Choate, Len Whitehead, Susan Lawson, Peggy Newman and Patricia Harbin. Acknowledged Jody Sowa’s help over the last two years on the
Council and thank her for all her time and efforts.
II. Meeting started at 6:30 pm.
III. Opening Prayer
IV. Minutes for March 7, 2016 meeting were pre-approved.

V. Business
A. Review of topics/resolutions from last meeting:
1. Sound System update- This has been completed but will be adjusted over
the next few week.
2. Prayer Chain- This is established and working well.
3. Stained Glass lighting- Having some problem with one set of lights, working
on solving the problem.
4. Website is up and working.
5. Statue/Rosary Garden/Cemetery/Terrace
a) Statue- fund drive has been successful, we are over the $93,000 needed.
(1) Father- will inform the diocese and find out what is the next step.
b) Cemetery- we should now be ready to start selling plots. Father- needs
to find out the final details about paperwork etc.
c) Terrace- The work starts Wednesday Oct 5th, weather permitting. The
project should take a few weeks.
6. Announcements at Mass- Father still needs to talk with the office staff
about this before any changes are made. Discussed having a weekly calendar,
eliminating the need to announce meetings after Mass.
7. Bulletin- Discussed having the Diocesan items listed on the Website instead of
in the bulletin, thus leaving more space for parish related items.
a) Discussed different ways to publish new parishioners’ pictures and information
so that all church members have an opportunity to get acquainted with them and welcome them into the parish.

B. New Ideas:
1. Father distributed an article discussing what a Pastoral Council is. He asked each
member to read this article. This will also be part of this month’s minutes.
2. Suggestion Box
a) Have a shelter, picnic table and swing set. This will be considered after
the terrace project is completed.
b) Tape the RCIA classes and have available on the computer. This would
be impractical because of the nature of the class, which has lots of Q&A.
Father will be announcing that parishioners now have computer access to a
new series from Catholic Media on a vast array of topics on the Catholic faith.
Details will be published in the bulletin. This will be a wonderful resource for
anyone interested in learning more about their faith.
c) Fewer announcements-discussed, see above.
d) Complimented Father on his Masses.
e) Liturgy of the Hours- Father will decide if he should offer a “bible study”
course on this. Suggested he do this in a series of 1-5 minute talks at the end
of the week-end Masses.
3. Staff meeting with representatives from parish groups. The intention is for better
communications between Father, the office and the various groups. This should help with scheduling and utilizing resources.
4. Parishioner involvement in Spiritual life, Social life, Service, Adult Education and
our Youth.
a) Spiritual life- Father will form a committee to help plan and coordinate
spiritual and educational events for the upcoming year.
b) Social life- suggestion that Father establish a committee with a member from
each parish group to help plan and coordinate social events.

c) Youth Minister- we still need to find one. CCD classes are well attended.

VI. Next meeting- November 7, 2016, at 6:30 pm.
VII. Closing prayer
VIII. Adjourned at 8:10 pm
Submitted by Patricia Harbin, October 4, 2016