St Isidore the Farmer Catholic Church

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes- March 7, 2016

  1. In attendance: Fr. Staples, Mike Choate, Len Whitehead, Jody Sowa, Susan Lawson and              Patricia Harbin.
  2. Meeting started at 6:30 pm.

III.       Opening Prayer & Readings.

  1. Approval of February 1, 2016 minutes.
  1. Business
  2. Review of topics/resolutions from last meeting:
  3. Sound System update- Father did call Jim Ashley again to get the price                                                      list for the speakers recommended, as yet he has not received it from him.  John

Keeney will also call to make sure this gets done.

  1. Prayer Chain-  This has been established.  There will be a new section

in the bulletin for this new ministry.  There are now prayer request cards

available in the meeting area, and this will be mentioned in the bulletin.

  1. Stained Glass lighting- This is DONE.  All that is needed is some fine

tuning of  the positioning of the lights.

  1.    Father asked Len Whitehead for an update on the website.  Len hopes to have

some of this up and running with at least all of the Easter week activities listed.

  1. Statue/Rosary Garden/Cemetery/Terrace
  2. a) Father and the committee have talked to the different church groups.

(1) They received some suggestions.

(2) They also tried to get an idea of how many people were in favor/or

against each project.

  1. b)  This weekend March 12-13 the committee will hold sessions after each Mass

to answer all questions people have and to ask for suggestions.

  1. c)  Father and the committee will then review the suggestions and finalize

some of the details.

  1. d) Father will then present his statement to the parish.

(1)  Reviewed a tentative pledge card and offered some suggestions.

(2)  Talked about when to start a pledge drive.

  1.  Announcements at Mass- Father still needs to talk with the office staff

about this before any changes are made.

  1. Bulletin- too much outside info.  This is still being worked on.

New Ideas:

  1.   Suggestion Box- Say the prayer to St. Michael at the end of Mass.
  2. a)  Reviewed this idea.  Father will decide if we will start doing this.

(1) Need to have the prayer printed and available for parishioners who

are not familiar with the prayer.

(2) Would be recited between the final blessing and hymn.



  1.     Another suggestion- That wine be offered along with the host.
  2.  a)  Father will have to see how many EM’s are available.
  3.   b)  If possible- would start by offering at the 10:30 am Mass.
  4.  c)  Suggestion that a better explanation be put in the bulletin about this

year’s EM training.  This is a very special ministry and more people should

be made aware of it.  This training is only offered once a year and it is

available next month in Fredericksburg.

  1.   Mentioned that the Lectors need to give more time for people to think about

their special intentions.

  1. a) Suggested that Father ask Tina to put the words “Count to ten” to remind

the lectors to pause longer.

  1. Everyone considered the St. Patrick’s social, excellent, especially the music

and food.  Wonderful turn out, kudos to the Choir and Knights for sponsoring.

  1. Spiritual Life/Adult Education
  2. a)  Father is considering 33 Days of Mercy for the next series.

(1) This would tie into Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy.

(2) Series will start the first part of April and run 5 weeks.

  1. Youth- a meeting needs to be arranged to discuss this topic.
  1. Next meeting- April 4, 2016, at 6:30 pm.

VII. Closing prayer

VIII. Adjourned at 8:00 pm

Submitted by Patricia Harbin, March 8, 2016