Lector/EM Schedule   July 2017   

Saturday 5PM                      Sunday 8AM                        Sunday 10:30AM

July 1                                     July 2                                     July 2

Susan Lawson                     Mary Ann Behnke              Len Whitehead

Patricia Harbin (EM)          Tina Riley(EM)                    Joyce Cyrus (EM) 



July 8                                     July 9                                     July 9

Susan Lawson                    Pete Zahn                           Joyce Cyrus

Hazel Arruda (EM)              Mary Ann Behnke (EM)    Karen Primeau (EM)        



July 15                                  July 16                                  July 16

Daniel Strogis                    Tony Lynch                         Jesse Evans

Hazel Arruda (EM)               Mike Monticello (EM)        John Sowa (EM)    



July 22                                  July 23                                  July 23

Daphnie Sowa                     Pete Zahn                             Len Whitehead

John Sowa (EM)                  Louise Monticello (EM)    John Sowa (EM)    



July 29                                  July 30                                  July 30

Daniel Strogis                      Joe Pauli                              Jesse Evans

Geoff McGarrigle (EM)     Cheryl Pauli (EM)               Karen Primeau (EM)        



EM Reminder: Under no circumstances are Extraordinary Ministers to give any semblance of a blessing to those not receiving communion. You may say “God be with you” or “God bless you”. DO NOT raise your hands or place your hands on them or over them.