St Isidore the Farmer Catholic Church

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes- January 4, 2016

In attendance: Fr. Staples, Mike Choate, Len Whitehead, Jody Sowa, Susan Lawson and             Patricia Harbin.  Absent Peggy Newman.

  1.       Meeting started at 7:10 pm.

III.       Opening Prayer & readings.

  1. Approval of November 16, 2015 minutes.


Father gave Susan Lawson Bishop Keating’s letter on Pastoral councils, that explained what the aims of the council are and what things the council does not get involved in.  Father also reminded each member about the need for confidentiality.

Outstanding items:

  1. Sound System update- Father will follow up with Jim Ashley to get the price list for the speakers recommended.  Father will also see how the existing wiring can be used for the new speakers.
  2. Stained Glass lightening- the problem is that the emergency lighting only used 12 DC volts and the new lights will require 120 AC. There is also a problem of not having enough slots in the circuit breaker panel.  Father will have to talk with John Keeney to see if there is a way to get around this.
  3. Prayer Chain- after much discussion and input it was decided to start this by first having Father talk to the office about creating a sign-up sheet for people who would be willing to have an email sent to them when someone needs prayers.  He will also ask the office to manage the email list and alert the Prayer Chain when people need prayers.  He will talk about this new ministry after Mass over a few weeks, what the Prayer Chain’s purpose is, how the sign-up sheet will work and ways people can ask for prayers.  If there is a need an email address can also be created for people to send a request directly to the office.  For the next meeting  Susan Lawson will bring in a sample form for prayer requests, that could be available in the meeting area. It was also discussed that some people may want prayers but their names not released, this will be easily accomplished if people let the office or Father know this up front and the request for privacy will be                                              included if or when a Prayer Request form is created.
  4. Father asked Len Whitehead to get an email address for the Pastoral Council.

He also provided Len with the Pastoral Council’s Mission Statement and information to be added to the website.

New Ideas:

  1. Suggestion Box- ways to provide for the Poor with a box in the meeting area.  It was agreed that the monthly envelope for the poor covers this.  Also people can contribute to the poor at any time by putting either a check or money in an envelope and marking it FOR THE POOR.  This money will be used specifically for that.
  2. Social Life- Father asked for ideas on how we can provide the parish with social events that they would be interested in.  It was decided to see if someone would be willing to start by doing a festival for St. Joseph, similar to the ones done in other parishes.  St. Joseph’s feast day is in March and if this works out we could have one for St Isidore in May.
  3. The council brought up that for social events to be popular they needed to  planned with the younger members in mind.
  4. If Father can get a committee started for planning social events he needs to  ask younger parents to head it.
  5. Spiritual Life- Father mentioned that a few people had gotten together to talk about this and being successful another meeting was needed.
  6.  The series on the rosary was well received.
  7.  Adoration during Advent was also well received.
  8.  Father is considering a new series “A Journey through the Bible-

Salvation History.”

  1.  Father asked for each council member to think about any ways he could improved the parish’s spiritual life.

Next meeting- February 1, 2016


VII. Closing prayer

VIII. Adjourned at 8:50 pm

Submitted by Patricia Harbin, January 5, 2016