8 April 2018

 Second Sunday of Easter ~ Divine Mercy

For a week the disciples kept telling Thomas: “We have seen the risen Lord!” Thomas replied each time, “I’ll never believe it without probing the nail-prints in his hands, without putting my finger in the nail-marks and my hand into his side.” Finally, our Lord appeared to Thomas—Thomas touched his sacred wounds and cried out: “MY LORD and my God!” What a thrill! Imagine the emotions which surged through the soul of St. Thomas as he suddenly realized: “I am in the presence of Almighty God! God, in human flesh, has conquered death!”

Today Our Lord says to each of us, “Give me your hand, put it into my side, feel my wounds, cease your doubting but believe!” We all need to see and touch the wounds of Jesus in order to be cured of our doubts, but why is this so? How was Thomas healed of his unbelief? What do we learn from the wounds of Jesus?

To answer these questions, we must first ask: what is the source of our unbelief? Many people do not believe because they have never heard, or perhaps they have heard, but have deep seated biases against faith which could be rooted in a million different causes; but I would like to focus on OUR unbelief, i.e., those like Thomas who are disciples of Christ—who have experienced his truth and goodness—and want to believe. What are the sources of OUR unbelief? We could name a few: the experience of suffering, temptation to indulge in sin, or uncertainty about the future. How do the wounds of Christ address these sources of unbelief?

When we are suffering, we need to know that the wounded Jesus is at our side. His wounds are REAL! His suffering was REAL! His suffering was for ME! As Christians, we never suffer alone; Jesus is with us in perfect solidarity. Just as Jesus’ suffering was transformed into something meaningful, so too can ours! Secondly, the wounds of Jesus teach us that God’s love and mercy are real! We believe the teachings of the Catholic Church because they come from the wounded heart of Jesus—they are rooted in divine Love. No matter what temptations we may experience, we hold fast to these teachings which have been confirmed by the wounds of Christ and entrusted to his holy Catholic Church until the end of time! He freely offered his life and was crucified for us!—How much more will he provide what we need all the days of our life? If we can only touch for ourselves the wounds of Jesus, we will have the strength of faith to obey his teachings, to persevere in times of suffering and to entrust our future to him.

Today, with St. Thomas, let us reverently approach the risen Lord, reach out our hands by faith and touch the precious wounds of Jesus. Jesus is speaking to us: “Give me your hand, put it into my side, feel my wounds, experience for yourself my love for you, cease your doubting but believe!”

Happy Easter!!

Your Servant in Christ,

Fr. Terry Staples

Pray for the Sick and other Special Needs

Mass Intentions Next Two Weeks

(Apr 7-Apr 13)                        (Apr 14-Apr 20)

Sat      5:00pm   +Lorraine Trautwein                        +Virginia Steele

Sun:    8:00am      Parishioners                             +Anna Marie Plecher

10:30am   +Toni Ellis                                                Parishioners

Mon:   8:00am   +Lou Passarello                                Leonard Abeyta

Tue:    8:30am     Mass of Thanksgiving                +Souls in Purgatory

Wed: 12:15pm     Living & Deceased members                    Annie Miller                                                  of the Conroy & Chebuske Families

Fri:    12:15pm   +Joseph Plecher                                    Linda Toborg



Please DO NOT mail BLA payments to the parish. All payments must be mailed directly to the BLA. Thank you!


Please return your CRS rice bowls as soon as possible.

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet will be sung after the 10:30am Mass.


The Easter lilies on the altar are donated in memory of:

Vaughn Shuler, Jr., Vaughn Shuler, Sr., Evelyn Shuler, Kathy Winston, Alex Sinkovitz, Emma Sinkovitz, Eugene Eberts, Emma Eberts, Gena Eberts, Harold Lloyd, deceased members of the Groome family, deceased members of the King family, Amy Palmieri, deceased members of the Cole family, and deceased members of the Keeney family


Attention Altar Servers and Potential Altar Servers!

Father Staples will be holding altar server training/refresher training on April 15 after the 10:30am mass. We have at least one new altar server we would like to welcome. If you are interested in becoming an altar server, if you feel you need to practice, or if you just need a refresher, please plan to attend.

Hope to see you there!


Food Bank: The April items are soap & Hamburger Helper.


The Women’s Club will meet Friday, April 13, at 10am in the basement of the rectory.

Pray for our Loved Ones in the Armed Forces

 Have you ever wanted to go on a pilgrimage?

Fr. Wooton of St. Patrick’s is hosting a pilgrimage to the Holy Land October 1-12, 2018, and a $500 deposit reserves your spot. The height of the trip will be a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but you will also visit Mt. Nebo, where Moses was laid to rest; the ancient city of Petra; Nazareth, where you will celebrate Mass and visit Mary’s well; Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus; and Cana, the site of Jesus’ first miracle, where married couples will have the opportunity to renew their vows. If you have any questions, please contact Fr. Wooton at 202-277-2883 or

Office Administrative Assistant needed!

We are in need of a new Office Administrative Assistant. Please email for details. You will need to be interviewed and approved by Father Staples prior to receiving an employment offer.

Thank you!

The Legion of Mary would like to thank Dennis and Patricia Harbin for their generous donation of the beautiful Legion of Mary Praesidium banner displayed in the gathering area.

Join Bishop Burbidge to Pray for Vocations

Join Bishop Burbidge for a Holy Hour for Vocations at a parish near you. The Holy Hours will start at 7:30 p.m., followed by a light reception. April 13 is at St. Timothy in Chantilly; April 27 is at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Fredericksburg, and June 8 is at The Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington. There is no need to RSVP for these events. For more information visit

Saturday        Readers:      Daniel Strogis, Hazel Arruda (EM)

Apr 7                Ushers:      John Phelps, Patricia Harbin

5:00PM   Altar Servers:      Grace, Christopher & Peter

Sunday           Readers:       Joe Pauli, Cheryl Pauli (EM)

Apr 8                   Ushers:       Aubrey Treakle, Romie Powell

8:00am    Altar Servers:       Brendan, Shane

Sunday           Readers:       Danni Bowman, Karen Primeau (EM)

Apr 8                Ushers:        Ron Lloyd, Bill Saunders

10:30am   Altar Servers:        Joseph, Abby & Joseph

Counters:       Chris & Tina Riley, Thomas Allsbury


Saturday         Readers:       Daphnie Sowa, Patricia Harbin (EM)

Apr 14               Ushers:       John & John Robert Clemente

5:00PM    Altar Servers:      Grace, Isaac & Adrian

Sunday           Readers:      James Dillon, Louise Monticello (EM)

Apr 15                 Ushers:       Romie Powell, Mark Hogan

8:00am    Altar Servers:       John, Eric & Matthew Mugrave

Sunday           Readers:       Joyce Cyrus, Jesse Evans (EM)

Apr 15               Ushers:       Ron Lloyd, David Bowman

10:30am   Altar Servers:       Danni, Christopher & Peter

Counters:       John & Carol Keeney, Jesse Evans

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Active Shooter Training

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is providing Active Shooter Training for the faith based community at Orange County High School on April 30, 2018 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.

If you plan to attend, please contact our Facilities Manager, John Clemente, at 540-846-0419.


As in years past, All Saints Parish of Manassas, VA has invited our Knights of Columbus council and parish to participate in their 5-car raffle. Prizes include five vehicles from Koons of Manassas- Honda Civic, Buick Encore, GMC Sierra truck, Honda CRV SUV, and Honda Odyssey van. One $5 ticket offers the purchaser a chance to win all 5 vehicles plus cash prizes totaling $20,000. Car raffle tickets will be mailed to each family in our parish, and should be received soon. Participating with All Saints to sell raffle tickets is a more generous venture than purchasing a vehicle on our own, and each purchaser has a chance to win 5 cars! This makes “selling” at work or to family and friends more like an opportunity. Just show them the ticket…it will sell itself! Thank you for your participation, from your local Knights of Columbus council here at St. Isidore.

Sisters of St. Maria News

Yard Sale: The Sisters of St. Maria will be holding their spring yard sale on Saturday May 5, to benefit children in need in our area, and other worthy projects. The storage shed is open for your donations. Formal Wear Drive: Orange County High School’s Junior/Senior Prom is April 28. The Sisters of St. Maria are collecting clean, any size, ready-to-wear evening dresses and formals, as well as nice suits and men’s formal wear, to be given to boys and girls who cannot afford to purchase or rent formal wear for the prom. All donations need to be turned in by April 15th. Please hang the items in the coat rack area between the upstairs bathrooms.