Pastor’s Reflection for 11-17-19 ~ Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus often warned his disciples that their future as His disciples would be inundated with all kinds of trials, crosses and sufferings. He did this to prepare them for the ensuing spiritual battle and to assure them that their endurance would lead them to eternal salvation. In this week’s Gospel (Luke 21:5-19), He warns His disciples:

“There will be earthquakes, plagues and famines… they will manhandle and persecute you, summoning you to synagogues and prisons,

bringing you to trial before kings and governors, all because of my name. You will be brought to give witness on account of it. I bid you resolve not to worry… you will be delivered up even by your parents, brothers, relatives and friends, and some of you will be put to death. All will hate you because of me, YET not a hair of your head will be harmed. By patient endurance you will save your lives.”

How can Jesus say “some of you will be put to death” and “all will hate you” and yet, in the same breath declare, “not a hair of your head will be harmed”? Perhaps this is best explained by example. St. Stephen was among the first Deacons of the Church (cf. Acts 6-7). He was a man filled with the power of God – grace, wisdom and courage. After bravely bearing witness to the truth of Jesus Christ, many were infuriated and they “ground their teeth at him . . . and rushed upon him . . . threw him out of the city and began to stone him.” In the midst of this, Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit; he looked up to heaven and said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.” As they were stoning him, he called out, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” He fell to his knees and cried out in a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” Then, “he fell asleep.”

St. Stephen was not afraid to bear witness to his faith even though it meant rejection, suffering and ultimately death. Why? Because he was a true disciple of Jesus: he loved the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and strength. And what was the outcome? His body was crushed with stones until his life was completely extinguished; yet, he was, until the end, filled with the Holy Spirit—filled with love for God and love even for his enemies. He suffered, yet not a hair of his head was harmed—they could not touch his magnificent, grace-filled, soul!

As we listen to Jesus this week, we ask ourselves: are we prepared to face our coming trials? Are we willing to be hated, rejected and even killed in order to bear faithful witness to our Lord? If we are, we can be absolutely certain that no matter what comes our way in this life, Jesus will not allow one hair of our head to be harmed—by our patient endurance we will save our lives. St. Stephen, pray for us!

Your Servant in Christ, Terry Staples

Would you like to become an Altar Server? Young Ladies & Men alike! Perhaps you are called to become an altar server. Such a beautiful way to be closer to God. A requirement is that you’ve received the sacrament of Holy Communion. Please contact Father Staples or the parish office if you’re interested. Phone: (540) 672-4933

Mass Intentions for Two Weeks

                              (Nov 16 – 22)                            (Nov 23 – Nov 29)

Sat:    5:00pm   +Lorraine Trautwein                +Merle Pfeiffer   

Sun:    8:00am   +Rose Wilson Verden     +Burak/Poticha Family


            10:30am     Parishioners                               Parishioners

Mon:  8:30a       +Monico & +Mary Abeyta             OPEN

Tue:      8:30am +Dan Nye                                          Thomas Bondor

Wed: 12:15pm +Deceased Legionnaires               Francis O’Neill

Thu:   10:00am                                                                   Lauren O’Neill

Fri:     12:15pm   +Christina Williams DeMarco    OPEN                  


Prayer List for our Sick and Special Needs ~ Ignazio Abbene, Leah Adam, Matthew Adam, Nadia Anderson, Taylor Auth, Steve Barberio, Carmen Befumo, Joe Befumo, Paula Befumo, Stephen Bergstrom, Len Besterman, Blake Bethune, Dinoo Billimoria, Eliza Blazek, Kenny Blazek, Mark Bond, Mel Bond, Ronnie Bond, Betty Brown, CJ Brown, Kelly Buckingham, Declan Burke, Dr. Kristin Burns, Weston Bye, Logan Cannon, Eve Casella, Nathaniel Capps, John Chebuske, Marie Cherement, Bruce Clark, Harold Coldren, Adam Colvin, Max Cook, Betty Craft, Ed Cyrus, Mike Daddezio, Leonard Deeds, Caitlyn Dodd, Therese Donofrio, John A. Dormer, Jackie Early, Millard Edwards, Jenny Ernst, Jeannie Fedorek, Jack Firiollo, Maureen Flanagan, Chris Fursman, Peggy Gaines, Thomas Garland, Shane Garner, Amy Gentry, Susan Gordy, Susan Gray, Vicky Gunnett, Alice Gunning, Elizabeth & Ernest Harbin, Mary Jo Harris, Edward Heynoski, Terri Hibbs, Ben Hochstetler, Alice Houska, Devin Humes, Alverna Hylton, Victoria Kavanaugh, Brooke Kemp, John Kulick, Mary & Ron Jorgensen, Nora Lloyd, Barbara Lonick, Mary Ann Mangum, Sherry Martin, Carol Masschelin, Cassandra Mattera, Brian McHugh, Donny McIver, Kim Metzer, Barbara Miller, Gerald Neal, Peggy Newman, Roselle Nicholson, Retta Noto, Jackie Olsen, Julie Pais, Barbara Pfeiffer, Caleb Phelps, Mione Phillips, Bernadette Pontious, Sarah Ponton, Bernard Poticha, Pauline Przybocki, Michael Rebar, Owen & Brittney & Annie Reed, Samuel Reeve, Hope Ritz, Jim Roberts, Tonie Roberts, Abby Rundle, Alex Sandridge, Oscar Scott, Linda Sorrentino, Alex Staples, Kathy Schuchart, Mike Staples, Tim Staples, Brigitte Staub, Tony Stone, Barbara Strogis, Theresa & Colton, Jenny Voissem, Mimi Voissem, Tara Von Kuhn, Owen Wangensteen, Margaret Ward, Thad Weaver, Michael White, Betty Wilson, Marie Young, Theresa Zanettis

Sisters of St. Maria Thanksgiving Dinner At St. Isidore Please come & have dinner with your Church Family following the 10:00am Mass. Signup in the Gathering Area and if you’d like, bring a side or dessert. The Sisters of St. Maria will supply ham, turkey and all the traditional fixings.

Sunday Offerings for the Lord – November 10, 2019

Regular: $4006.09         Building Maintenance Fund: 195.00                  

Poor Box: $415.00                                Votive Candle: $25.90

Retired Religious: $806.00

Calling All Parishioners Choir practice is Sunday from 9:15am to 10:15am in the Social Hall. Rehearsal begins with cantor training for those wishing to cantor at the 8am Mass. This is a wonderful opportunity to praise the Lord. Babies, children, teens, adults, & seniors are all welcome. Maybe you’d be interested in singing with the choir for any of the Christmas Masses. Questions? Contact Jane Klopp

2020 Calendars Are Now Available Please? A donation of $2.00 is suggested. The calendars are located in the gathering area.

Knights of Columbus Christmas Display ~ Christmas cards are for sale in the corner of the gathering area. Poinsettias need to be ordered by DECEMBER FIRST – signup sheet is located where the Knights have the Christmas Card Display.

Prayer List for our Loved Ones in the Armed Forces

                                       LCPL Taylor Auth-Smith USMC

CAPT Gretchen Blickle USA                      CAPT William Blickle, IV USA

SGT Marc Bowman USMC                     Brian Collins                        

PO Chad Crawford USN                         LT Richard Day, III USA

A1C Stetsin Fielding USAF                      ENSN David Joubert              

CAPT Thadeous Larkin USA                    COL Jason Loschinskey USAF

PFC Ryan McWilliams USA                     LCPL Zachary Mitchell USMC

SFC Harrison Newton USA                    MAJ Aaron Pauli USAF

CDR Eric Pauli USN                                                SPC5 Robert Pauli USA

MAJ William Pauli USAF                         E3 Kevin Phillips USN

MSGT Matthew Phillips USAF                                2nd LT Kiara Pontious

CAPT Mitchell Przybocki USAF                              LT Daniel Robey USN

SK1 Angel Semerling USCG                       BM2 Lewis Semerling USCG

PO2 Sabrina Slack USCG                       ET1 Christopher Stone USN

SGT Gregory A. Sublett USA                  SSG John D. Sublett USA

2nd LT Edward Von Kuhn                        CPL Knox Walters USMC

CAPT Evan Weaver USA                         CWO4 John Weaver USA      

SPC Paul Williams, III USA                            PVT Daniel Young USA


Love Outreach Food Pantry for November Cake Mixes, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste

 Our Readers, Eucharistic Ministers Ushers & Altar Servers

Saturday: Readers/EM:  Daniel Strogis, Hazel Arruda (EM)

Nov 17     Ushers:         John Robert Clemente, John Phelps          

5:00PM     Altar Server:     Abby B, Joseph B, Shane B

Sunday    Readers/EM:   James Dillon, Mike Monticello (EM)                      

Nov 18     Ushers:            Aubrey Treakle, Gordon Genovese

8:00AM   Altar Servers:  Eric M, Matthew M, Daniel B

Sunday     Readers/EM:    Jesse Evans, Joyce Cyrus (EM)                            

Nov 18      Ushers:          Ron Lloyd, Craig Lawson

10:30AM Altar Servers  Joseph L, Jackson M, Danni B

                 Counters:      John & Carol Keeney, Jesse Evans


Saturday: Readers/EM: Joe Pauli, Cheryl Pauli (EM)                                       

Nov 23 Ushers:        Larry Deeds, Patricia Harbin                  

5:00PM  Altar Server: Isaac A, Adrian A, Grace S

Sunday  Readers/EM     Charlcie Fielding, Louise Monticello (EM)

Nov 24     Ushers:       Marc Hogan, Romie Powell

8:00AM  Altar Servers: Eric M, Matthew M, Shane B

Sunday  Readers/EM:  Carolyn Comes, Jesse Evans (EM)                            

Nov 24   Ushers:         Ron Lloyd, David Bowman

10:30AM Altar Server: Jackson M, Christopher E, Peter E

              Counters: Chris & Tina Riley, Thomas Allsbury

Catholic Campaign for Human Development/next Sunday. Please help those in need break out of the cycle of poverty.

CHURCH INTERESTS FOR Nov 18 – 22, 2019                        

Revelation 14-15: Praising the Lamb, Mon @ 9:15am and 7:00pm

Legion of Mary, Mon @ 12:00pm

Knights of Columbus, Mon @ 7:00pm

Women of Grace, Tue @ 9:30am

RCIA, Tue @ 7:00pm

Calix Society, Wed @ 8:30am

Catholic School House, Wed @ 12:15pm – 4:00pm

Bazaar Set-up, Wed @ 2pm until ?

Bazaar Set-up, Thu @ 8:00am – 2:00pm

Adoration, Fri 1:00pm – 9:00pm

Christmas Gift Bags for our Homebound made by CCD  The children of CCD are asking for donations of special little items to put together bags of gifts for our homebound folks…There is a box in the gathering area and they’re asking for: non-perishable goods such as toiletries, books, magazines, socks, etc. along with foods that have sugar and are sugar free, coffee pods, tea bags…Can you donate one or a few of the above items by December 8th?

ISIDORE WOMEN’S CLUB BAZAAR ~ Help St. Isidore Help Our Community! Fri, NOV 22, 9am – 4pm and Sat, NOV 23, 8am – 2pm This year’s Bazaar proceeds will go to:  The Christian Emergency Council Founded in 1979, The CEC is a reputable & very worthy organization that provides funds for heating, electric, RX & food for the needy in our community.                                                            

The Paul Stefan Foundation The Paul Stefan Home provides a loving, prolife haven for women facing a crisis pregnancy by offering hope, spiritual and emotional counseling.

New Vendor Raffle this year! 24 Vendors offering a wide variety of gifts & goodies!!! Decorative wreaths and NEW this year…“frozen casseroles” to enjoy later, lovingly made by St. Isidore parishioners!! Come join in the fun and help our needy in the community.

Paul Stefan Foundation – Celebration of Christmas~ Come view the Regional Maternity Housing and Education Center as we get ready for our January Grand Opening ~ Appetizers, Desserts and Homemade Hot Chocolate are waiting for you on DECEMBER 13TH from 12PM to 2PM ~ 120 Caroline Street, Orange, VA ~ RSVP – #540-854-3400 or ~ Cookies will be needed/Please bring them to the Regional Center @ 120 Caroline Street in Orange

Blessed Miguel Pro

The blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, Mexican Catholic Jesuit, executed by a firing squad in Mexico (1927) for exercising his priestly ministry. “I am amazed by the special aid of God, the very special graces He grants us in such perils, and how His Presence is now more intimately felt when discouragement comes to make our souls smaller.”

Please take a biography with you in the gathering area