19 November 2017

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

        In this week’s Gospel, Jesus gives us a parable (the Parable of the Talents) to inspire us to use our God-given talents in ambitious and creative ways. In the parable, a man leaving on a journey entrusts his possessions to three servants who are charged to manage his assets. To one he gives five talents, to a second, two talents, and to a third, one talent. On the master’s return, the one given five had gained five more by using the gifts given to him; the one given two likewise gained two more; but the one given one was afraid to invest what was entrusted to him, he buried his talent in the ground and made no profit. In conclusion, the servant who buried his talent heard these terrible words: “throw this useless servant into the darkness outside, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.” Meanwhile, the two servants who used their talents well were told: “Well done, my good and faithful servant. . . . Come share your master’s joy.”

At first, the master in the parable who ultimately represents God may seem a bit harsh. However, if we consider the ultimate meaning of life and the grave consequences of our actions, we begin to understand the severity of Jesus’ words. To help clarify, consider these questions: How does this parable apply to us? What are the “talents” God gives to his disciples? And, what difference does it make whether or not we use well the gifts God gives us?

St. Paul comprehensively answers the question of what “talents” we have received from God with a series of rhetorical questions: “Who confers distinction upon you? What do you possess that you have not received? But if you have received it, why are you boasting as if you did not receive it?” (1 Corinthians 4:7, NAB). In other words, all that we have, all our potential, was received as a gift from God! – Our life, our intellect, our personality, our ability to love, to be creative, to work and make money, etc., etc., etc. … All these “talents” were God’s gifts, but to what end? What difference does it make whether we bury our talents or use them? Notice in the parable the Master entrusts his possessions, his talents, to his servants. The fact is, our God-given talents are ultimately to be used in service to the Kingdom of God . . . in service to God and neighbor. God desires all people to be saved and to make it to heaven, however, he has entrusted us with “talents” which can be used to lead others closer to God and salvation, or can be buried in the ground and thereby effectively impede or even prohibit to some degree the growth and salvation of souls. We can use our life and our talents to be an inspiration or we can bury them in the ground and become a stumbling block to others who could have benefited from what God entrusted to us. In light of this truth, we understand that the severity of the Parable of the Talents is not an exaggeration to be played down, but rather, an exhortation which corresponds perfectly with the truth and the meaning of life. May we all be enlightened by this parable so that we might use our talents well and someday experience the ultimate ecstasy which only these words could inspire: “Well done, my good and faithful servant. . . . Come share your Master’s joy!!”

Your Servant in Christ,
Fr. Terry Staples


Mass Intentions Next Two Weeks

(Nov 18-Nov 24)                                           (Nov 25-Dec 1)

Sat      5:00pm   +Ken & +Loyce Obermeyer          +Merle Pfeiffer

Sun:    8:00am     Parishioners                                        Parishioners

10:30am   +Emma Marie Karcher            +Ralph & Effie Simmons

Mon:   8:30am   +Brian Riley                                             +Ann Cline

Tue:    8:30am   +William & +Nancy Riley           Mass of Thanksgiving

Wed: 12:15pm   +Socoro Portillo                               +Rita Smith

Thanksgiving Day:  10:00am   Bruce Kigas

Fri:    12:15pm    +Robert Petrella                        +Theoda Pohlman


Pray for the Sick and other Special Needs

All Souls Memorial Book

November is the month that we remember the souls of the faithful departed of our parish and families. We have a book in the Gathering Area for parishioners to include the names of deceased loved ones, so that we all may remember them in our prayers. Also, the CCD children will be bringing pictures of deceased friends and relatives to display during the month of November. If you would like to, please bring your own pictures to add to the display so that we will remember to pray for them.

The Office will be closed November 23-24 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Pray for our Loved Ones in the Armed Forces

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary 
 Meetings are Mondays at 11am and 7pm to address questions and review key points from the book, 33 Days to Morning Glory.  Preparation concludes with a solemn ceremony on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  

Share Thanksgiving With Friends at St. Isidore!

The Sisters of St. Maria would like to invite anyone without plans to join others in celebrating a Thanksgiving meal after the 10:00AM Mass.  Turkey, dressing, and ham are provided, just bring a side or dessert to share.  Games or a movie may follow, depending on interest.  Hope you will join us!  Please use the sign-up sheet in the Gathering Area.


The Knights are having their annual poinsettia sale.  Please order by using the form on the Christmas card sale table in the Gathering Area. Orders must be received by November 26th. All poinsettias are red; 6-inch pots are $5.00, and 8-inch pots are $10.00. Poinsettias will be delivered by the first weekend of December and payment is due then. Thanks for supporting the Knights!

Keep Christ in Christmas

The Knights are selling Christmas cards in the Gathering Area

No more orders are being taken, but the cards on the table are available for sale.


Angel Tree Food Collection

The Angel Tree grocery list is available in the Gathering Area.  As in the past we will be providing food boxes to our adopted families. To ensure we have enough for our families, food collection will continue until Sunday, until December 15th.  


Franciscan Monastery Christmas Open House

Enjoy visits to the full-size replica of Bethlehem’s Nativity Grotto, items handmade by Christians in the Holy Land, the Nativities of the World exhibit, a concert by the Ron Freeman Chorale, visits from St. Nicholas and more at the Franciscan Monastery Christmas Open House, Sunday, Dec. 3, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America is at 1400 Quincy St. NE, Washington, DC 20017. Free parking. Information: and 202-526-6800.


Food Bank:  The item for November is Stove Top Dressing.

Liturgical Roles

Saturday        Readers:       Daniel Strogis, Hazel Arruda (EM)

Nov 18              Ushers:       John Robert Clemente, Patricia Harbin

5:00pm    Altar Servers:       Isaac & Adrian, Shane

Sunday          Readers:        Pete Zahn, Joe Pauli (EM)

Nov 19                 Ushers:       Aubrey Treakle, Jim Katapka

8:00am    Altar Servers:    John, Eric, Jackson

Sunday           Readers:       Len Whitehead, Karen Primeau (EM)

Nov 19              Ushers:       Ron Lloyd, Dave Bowman

10:30am   Altar Servers:       Joseph , Christopher & Peter

Counters:       John & Carol Keeney, Jesse Evans


Thanksgiving Day

Nov 23            Readers:       Daphnie, Geoff McGarrigle (EM)

10am        Altar Servers:       Grace


Saturday        Readers:       Ray Lonick, Patricia Harbin (EM)

Nov 25              Ushers:       John Robert Clemente, Tom McDonnell

5:00pm    Altar Servers:       Isaac, Adrian, & Vince

Sunday          Readers:        Tony Lynch, Jesse Evans (EM)

Nov 26                Ushers:        Mark Hogan, Romie Powell

8:00am    Altar Servers:       Joseph, Christopher & Peter

Sunday           Readers:       Daphnie Sowa, Joyce Cyrus (EM)

Nov 26             Ushers:       Ron Lloyd, Dave Bowman

10:30am   Altar Servers:      Brendan, Christopher & Peter

Counters:      Chris & Tina Riley, Thomas Allsbury


2018 Catholic Charities Ball:  Friday, February 10

Please consider supporting Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington by attending the 2018 Catholic Charities Ball.  Registration and information can be found at  This is a wonderful evening of celebration and awareness building for the critical work of Catholic Charities!  Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information by calling 631 365-4044.

~Jack Cintorino, Special Gifts Committee


Novena for Miscarriages, Infertility and Infant Loss

Bishop Burbidge will be praying a novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe from December 4-12, 2017 for all who have experienced the pain and sorrow surrounding infertility, miscarriages, infant loss and the like.

If you would like to join him in praying the novena, text “novena17” to 84576 or sign up to receive email alerts at

Please email your special intentions to so that we can place them before the Bishop.


We Care Week

We Care Week celebrates Catholic schools supporting Catholic Charities. During the week of December 3-9 our schools are showing their support for Catholic Charities with fundraisers, clothing drives, and devotions. Contact your local school to learn more about how you can contribute. Catholic schools Care about Catholic Charities and you can too!