Pastor’s Reflection November 4th, 2018

Thirty-First Sunday In Ordinary Time


In this week’s Gospel Reading, a Scribe asks Jesus, “Which is the first of all the commandments?” Jesus replies,

     “The first is this: ‘Hear, O Israel!! The Lord our God is Lord alone! You       shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul,                    with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second is this:             ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other             commandment greater than these.”

I believe all of us can safely conclude, in light of the clergy sexual abuse scandal, that a fair number of clergy, Bishops and priests, have gravely violated Jesus’ commandment of love by acting as perpetrators and/or concealers of sexual abuse. It is very easy for us to passionately place blame where it is due. However, as members of the body of Christ, we must ask, is Jesus’ law of love fulfilled in us simply by condemning the guilty, or is something more required of us? With all my heart, I implore all of us to respond to our crisis not just by angry thoughts and words but by concrete loving actions. I implore all of us to respond to the plea of the good shepherd of our diocese, Bishop Michael Burbidge. Here is his letter to all the faithful:

            Dear Brothers and Sisters,

            The US bishops are joining to gather in a commitment of prayer and                                                  reparation leading up to the bishops’ General Assembly (November                       12-15), where we will be making critical decisions in response to the             clergy sexual abuse crisis. With my brother bishops across the     nation, I will be dedicating myself to seven days of intensified prayer   and fasting, from Monday, November 5, through Sunday, November                11. The intentions for this period of prayer and sacrifice are three-            fold:

            .           For the healing and support of all victims of clergy sexual abuse.

            .           For the conversion and just punishment of the perpetrators and                                                                        concealers of sexual abuse.

            .           For the strength of the bishops to be holy shepherds in                                                                       protecting and leading their sheep from all harm.

            If you feel called to do so, you are welcome to join me in praying for       these intentions. I would also be grateful for any prayers for me and               my brother bishops during our General Assembly, that we may follow                    the guidance of the Holy Spirit in responding to the tragedy of clergy             sexual abuse in the Church.

                        Please be assured of my prayers for you as well.

                                                                        Sincerely in Christ,

                                                                         Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge

                                                                        Bishop of Arlington

 Thank you, Bp. Burbidge, for your leadership and example!

By the grace of God, may we hear and follow his example so that we would not be content to respond only as critics, but rather strive, in sacrificial love and sacrifice, to be part of the solution. Is this not the example of Jesus? Does He not call us to love with all our heart, soul, mind and strength?

Your Servant in Christ, Fr. Staples

Prayer List for Our Sick & Other Special Needs

Muriel Ackerman, Leah Adam, Matthew Adam, Nadia Anderson, Taylor Auth, Steve Barberio, Carmen Befumo, Joe Befumo, Paula Befumo, Stephen Bergstrom, Len Besterman, Dinoo Billimoria, Eliza Blazek, Kenny Blazek, Joan Bond, Mark Bond, Mel Bond, Ronnie Bond, CJ Brown, Weston Bye, Logan Cannon, Eve Casella, Nathaniel Capps, John Chebuske, Bruce & Diane Clark, Adam Colvin, Joseph Craft, Ed Cyrus, Mike Daddezio, Leonard Deeds, Caitlyn Dodd, Therese Donofrio, John A. Dormer, Jackie Early, David Edwards, Jennifer Ernst, Jeannie Fedorek, Jack Firiollo, Maureen Flanagan, Chris Fursman, Shane Garner, Amy Gentry, Susan Gray, Vicky Gunnett, Alice Gunning, Elizabeth & Ernest Harbin, Donna & Chester Hart, Theresa Heynoski, Terri Hibbs, Alice Houska, Devin Humes, Andrew Hutchison, Alverna Hylton, Carol Johnson, Nora Lloyd, Barbara Lonick, Barry Mangum, Sherry Martin, Brian McHugh, Kim Metzer, Michael Miller, Peggy Newman, Retta Noto, Jackie Olsen, Julie Pais, Bernadette Pontious, Sarah Ponton, Pauline Przybocki, Michael Rebar, Samuel Reeve, Hope Ritz, Jim Roberts, Jackie Rodriguez, Abby Rundle, Oscar Scott, Linda Sorrentino Alex Staples, Mike Staples, Tim Staples, Barbara Strogis, Linda Treakle, Mimi Voissem, Tara Von Kuhn, Margaret Ward, Thad Weaver, Marie Young

Sunday Offering                           October 28, 2018               Weekly parish budget requirement = $5,000

Regular: $3,163.00.                   Building Fund: $00.00

Votive Candles: $16.00                Poor Box: $12.00

Fr. Staples would like to personally speak with you about the sexual abuse crisis within the Church – Please call him for an appointment.

Mass Intentions for Two Weeks

(Nov 3 – Nov 09)           (Nov 10 – Nov 16)

Sat   5:00pm       +David Villers                         +Marie O’Brien

Sun:   8:00am      +Charlie Simmons                       Parishioners

10:30am         Parishioners                         Elizabeth Harbin

Mon: 8:30am       +Mary Jane Lloyd                  +Mary Jane Lloyd

Tue: 8:30am Women of Grace & their families     +David Villers

Wed:12:15PM      + MaryAnne Nevels               +Monico Hbeyta

Fri:   12:15pm           Elizabeth Harbin                +Ryan McCormick

Make a Gift through a Tax-Free IRA Gift

Why is this important? This provision allows individuals age 70 ½ or older to make tax-free gifts from an IRA directly to a parish, school or the Diocese. To complete, please contact your IRA provider for exact instructions. Such gifts usually take a few weeks to transact.

“Sadly, we live in a nation where the poor, the weak, the elderly, the inmate, the immigrant and persons with disabilities are not always afforded the dignity that is theirs as children of God; and it is to this world that we are sent as messengers of the Gospel of Life.”

—Bishop Burbidge


THE WOMEN’S CLUB will be making wreaths/centerpieces on November 26.


Please contact Tina Riley @ 434-882-5004 or email her @ You can also speak with one of the women selling raffle tickets. Please contact Tina to coordinate with the greens. She will even come over to your house & help you cut them, if needed.

Now, that’s dedication!


Announcing the 2018-19 Missionary Childhood Association

National Christmas Artwork Contest

22 winners & artwork will be displayed at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. Please contact the:

Missionary Childhood Association online.

Okay, all you budding artists out there, time to get started as the deadline is January 31, 2019


OPEN HOUSE ON SUNDAY, November 4th, 9:45-11a.m.

And TUESDAY, November 11th, 6:00-8:00p.m.

A Story of The Pieta & the Catholic Church in South Korea

When Pope John Paul came to Korea in May, 1984, he canonized 103 martyrs. This tiny Asian nation ranks fourth in the number of Saints in the world. During the Beautification Mass of the Martyrs in August 2014, Pope Francis said “God brought the faits to Korea in a strange way”.

It was the only country where the Catholic Religion was seeded by a Catholic layperson named, Yi Seung-hun, who was baptized in China in 1784 and brought self-studying books & texts to South Korea without the influence of a priest or missionary in the country. The Church in Korea continued without formal missionary priests until clergy from France (the Paris Foreign Missions Society) arrived in 1836 for the ministry.

However, century long persecutions resulted in more than 20,000 martyrs including 13 clergy from China & France along with the First Korean Priest, St. Andrew Taegon Kim, who was ordained at age 24 in 1845 & martyred in 1846.

The Korean Martyrs were the victims of religious persecution against Catholic Christians during the 19th century in Korea.

Mr & Mrs. Yum were blessed that they were able to see many of the Martyr’s Shrines, including the graves of persecuted unknowns. In every shrine, The Pieta stands out as a symbol of our faith & a reminder of the journey we are on.

We, as a parish, are blessed that Mr. & Mrs. Yum chose to honor our cemetery with The Pieta. Thank You for choosing St. Isidore’s.


The Sisters of St. Maria would like to give you a Happy Thanksgiving by providing a Thanksgiving Dinner with friends from St. Isidore. A Thanksgiving Day Meal will be provided at our parish but you may consider bringing a side or dessert. Games or a movie may follow. Please sign up in the gathering area.


     Prayer List for our Loved Ones in the Armed Forces

PFC, Jarad Anderson, USA                         CAPT William Blickle, IV, USA

SGT Marc Bowman, USMC                           Brian Collins

PO Chad Crawford, USN                              LT Richard Day, III, USA

A1C Stetsin Fielding, USAF                       SSGT Paul Jankowski, USAF

COL Jason Loschinskey, USAF                    LCPL Zachary Mitchell, USMC

SFC Harrison Newton, USA                       CAPT Gretchen Pace, USA

MAJ Aaron Pauli, USAF                            CDR Eric Pauli, USN

SPC5 Robert Pauli, USA                              MAJ William Pauli, USAF

E3 Kevin Phillips, USN                              MCGT Matthew Phillips, USAF

2nd LT Kiara Pontious                                2nd LT Mitchell Przybocki, USAF

LT Daniel Robey, USN                              SK1 Angel Semerling, USCG

BM2 Lewis Semerling, USCG                        PO3 Sabrina Slack, USCG

ET1 Christopher Stone, USN                       SPC Gregory A. Sublett, USA

SSG John D. Sublett, USA                          2nd LT Edward Von Kuhn

CPL Knox Walters, USMC                            CAPT Evan Weaver, USA

CWO4 John Weaver, USA                           PVT Daniel Young, USA

PFC Tayor Auth, USMC                               Ensign David Joubert

  1. ISIDORE FOOD DRIVE for the Love Outreach Food Pantry in Orange, VA will begin Saturday, October 6th until November 25, 2018. The requested items are: Jelly & Peanut Butter; Hot & Cold Cereal; Crackers & Canned Chicken; Canned Soup & Stew; Canned Peas, Carrots, Spinach, and Greens; Canned Tomato Products; Pasta & Pasta Sauce; and Juice Boxes.     PLEASE NO CANDY OR COOKIES.

PAUL STEFAN ANNUAL BLACK TIE GALA on 11/10/18 An award will be given to Fr. Staples. Contact Randy James @

540-854-2300 to reserve & please inform Randy it’s for the Fr. Staples Table – 8 seats available


Is your Marriage in need of an Uplift? Contact: or 703-646-1521

It just may be the forgiving spiritual elevation you need.


November 12 – A Prayer Service Honoring Our Veterans begins @ 8:15a.m. @ Charlottesville Catholic School, 1205 Pen Park Rd. Major Ogunlola is the guest speaker. A flag planting ceremony will happen immediately following the prayer service.

Our Readers, Eucharistic Ministers Ushers & Altar Servers

Saturday      Readers:      Daniel Strogis, Patricia Harbin (EM)

Nov 03         Ushers:   John & John Robert Clemente

5:00PM   Altar Servers:    Isaac, Adrian & Vince

Sunday        Readers:    James Dillon, Louise Monticello (EM)

Noc 04         Ushers:       Mike Monticello & Gordon Genovese

8:00am   Altar Servers:  Daniel , John & Jamie


Sunday       Readers:     Jesse Evans, Joyce Cyrus (EM)                           

Nov 04        Ushers:      Ron Lloyd & Bill Sanders

10:30am Altar Servers: Christopher & Peter, Jackson

Counters:     John & Carol Keeney, Jesse Evans


Saturday     Readers:   Joe Pauli, Cheryl Pauli (EM)

Nov 10        Ushers:   John Phelps & Larry Deeds

5:00PM    Altar Servers:   Abby & Joseph

Sunday       Readers:       Pete Zahn, No One Available (EM)

Nov 11        Ushers:       Romie Powell & Mark Hogan

8:00am   Altar Servers:    Daniel & John


Sunday     Readers:     Carolyn Comes, Karen Primeau (EM)

Nov 11       Ushers:        Craig Lawson & Scott Johnson

10:30am Altar Servers:   Joseph, Peter & Christopher

Counters: Chris & Tina Riley, Thomas Allsbury

Please contact the office to CONFIRM Wedding & Baptism Dates


Mt Nebo, Israel

Have you ever wanted to go on a pilgrimage?

Fr. Staples is hosting a pilgrimage to the Holy Land October 7-18, 2019, and a $500 deposit reserves your spot. The height of the trip will be a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but you will also visit Mt. Nebo, where Moses was laid to rest; the ancient city of Petra, Nazareth, where you will celebrate Mass and visit Mary’s well; Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus; and Cana, the site of Jesus’ first miracle, where married couples will have the opportunity to renew their vows. If you have any questions, please contact Fr. Staples at:

540-672-4933, ext. 5 or


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Science & Faith Mini-Series

Given by Steven Hemler

Which is True? Creation, Evolution, or Both?

Saturday, 11/10/18 after the 5p.m. Mass on Saturday followed with a Pot Luck Dinner. All are Welcome!


Register now to receive the early-bird discount for spring theology courses at the CHRISTENDOM GRAD SCHOOL! For details, please visit our website, or contact the office: 703-658-4304


RCIA CLASS: Tuesday evenings from 7:00p.m. to 8:45p.m.


These are the words borne on the emblem of the Tree of Life @ L’Simcha Congregation in Pittsburgh, Pa. May these words guide all of us in our responsibility to repair our world.