Pastor’s Reflection

20 May 2018

Pentecost Sunday


                Did you know Jews also celebrate the Feast of Pentecost? They do! Along with the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles, Pentecost (which in Greek means “fiftieth” and is also known in Hebrew as the “Feast of Weeks”) is one of the three major Jewish feast days. For Jews, Pentecost primarily commemorates the revelation of the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai. This occurred 50 days after the Passover celebration when at daybreak God came to Mount Sinai in the form of fire (the burning bush), accompanied by thunder, lightning and the loud blast of trumpets. In receiving the Law from God through Moses, the Jews entered a new Covenant with God and became “His people.” For Christians, the preexisting Feast of Pentecost has received an even deeper significance. On this day, 50 days after the Resurrection (i.e. Jewish Passover), God (the Holy Spirit) once again at daybreak descends accompanied by fire and the sound of strong wind and storm (cf. Acts 2:1-41). This time, God does not write on tablets of stone; rather, He penetrates and inscribes His presence within their hearts and souls! Pope Paul VI beautifully summarizes the Christian meaning and significant of Pentecost:

                “the Church was born at that moment…Her body    received its supernatural animation which                penetrated it entirely, infusing new unity into that           assembly that was called the Church, and at once conferring various and distinct functions on this                or that member of the ecclesial assembly, as on a special organ for the benefit of the whole                 organism….”


                Pentecost is the fruit of Jesus’ total, loving, sacrificial gift of His life. Pentecost is about the love of God filling the hearts of His disciples—vivifying each member of His body. How can we participate fruitfully in this powerful Feast day? Once again, we listen to Pope Paul VI as he teaches us the “one rule” necessary:

                “There is one rule: an ordinary requirement is         called for from anyone who wishes to pick up the supernatural waves of the Holy Spirit; it is inner               life. The appointment for the meeting with the         ineffable Guest [the Sweet Guest of the soul] is         fixed inside the   soul…….Pentecost has had its       novena of meditation and prayer. Inner silence is             necessary to listen to the word of God, to experience His presence, to hear God’s call…. We must give inner life its place in the program of our            busy existence: a primary place, a silent place, a    pure place. We must find ourselves again in order     to be fit to have the life-bringing and sanctifying     Spirit in us. If not, how can we listen to His                 testimony?” [Pope Paul VI, Pentecost, May 21,        1972].


                May the good Lord help us to make room in our busy lives for the inner silence necessary to be infused and animated by the power of the Holy Spirit!  Happy Feast Day!!

Your Servant in Christ,

Fr. Terry Staples

Pray for the Sick and other Special Needs


Mass Intentions Next Two Weeks

(May 19-May 25)                            (May 26-June 1)

Sat      5:00pm   +Charles Arruda                           +Gussy May Woodward

Sun:    8:00am      Parishioners                                                            Parishioners

10:30am   +Lou Passarello                                                  +Paul Dolenc

Mon:   8:00am   +Robert Clark                                                           +Greg Comes

Tue:    8:30am     Women of Grace & Families          +Anthony Apostolaros

Wed: 12:15pm     Gema Violante –for healing             +Sally Byerly Aitkins

Fri:    12:15pm     John Chebuske                         +Deirdre Widman-Cotrell

Pray for our Loved Ones in the Armed Forces


Calling all St. Isidore 2018 Graduates!

If you are a parishioner and have a child graduating from high school in 2018, please contact the office with the following information: Date of graduation, school or homeschool, future plans and where they will be in the fall. There are forms on the office window ledge that you can fill out. We will recognize our graduates at a reception on June 3rd, after the 10:30 Mass, so please respond by next Sunday, May 27th, for your graduate to be included.


Baby Bottle Drive

We once again have baby bottles in the Gathering Area for you to fill with your loose change. This money will be donated to the Pregnancy Center to help them help moms and babies-and sometimes dads! All bottles are due back by Father’s Day weekend, June 16th-17th.

Epiphany Catholic School in Culpeper- Our Parish School

Now accepting applications for pre-K through Grade 8 for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information, please visit our website:, or 540-825-9017 or

St. Patrick Catholic School, Fredericksburg, VA

Now accepting applications for Pre-K through Grade 8 for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information, please visit our website:, or contact the Principal, George Elliott, at 540-786-2277 or

Charlottesville Catholic School- Charlottesville, VA

Now accepting applications for Pre-K through Grade 8 for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information, please visit our website:, or contact the Admissions Coordinator, Katrina Kuhn, at 434-964-0400 or CCS is also seeking qualified candidates to fill a number of open positions for the 2018-19 school year. Please visit for the complete job listings.

St. Michael the Archangel- Fredericksburg, VA

St. Michael the Archangel High School is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information, please visit our website:, or contact us at or 540-548-8748.


The Summit Academy- Fredericksburg, VA

A classical College Preparatory High School Education Rooted in the Catholic Tradition. Now accepting Applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Please visit or contact us at


Current & Potential Homeschoolers- You’re Invited! Mayflower Homeschoolers is a Roman Catholic independent homeschool support group under the patronage of Our Lady of Fatima. Mayflower Homeschoolers (MH) is having its Annual Parent Planning Meeting this Monday, May 21, at 7 PM, at the Denny’s in Warrenton, VA. If you are a Catholic homeschooler, or are thinking of becoming one, you are cordially invited! Bring friends! At the meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know other Catholic homeschoolers, register for Mayflower, and see what activities we have planned for the upcoming school year (clubs, social sports, field trips, Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, Moms’ Night Outs, feast day parties, date nights, teen dances, academic fairs, graduation for 8th and 12th graders, etc.)! Currently, 8 parishes are represented by the members of Mayflower! Visit our website at: for information and follow us on Facebook at Mayflower Homeschoolers.


“Sing to Mary” Concert Change

The Donna Cori Gibson “Sing to Mary” concert has been rescheduled for September 9th at 1:00pm. Sculptor Thomas Marsh has said that our Mary statue should be in place by then so that we can have a beautiful dedication ceremony in conjunction with the concert.


The Women’s Club is sponsoring a painting class with Carol Barber on Sunday, June 24th, from 1:00pm-3:00pm. The cost is $25 per person and is due by June 17th. Please see the sign-up sheet in the gathering area.

Saturday         Readers:     Daphnie Sowa, Hazel Arruda (EM)

May 19              Ushers:     John Robert Clemente, Patricia Harbin

5:00PM    Altar Servers:     Grace, Adrian & Vince

Sunday           Readers:      James Dillon, Louise Monticello (EM)

May 20                 Ushers:     Romie Powell, Aubrey Treakle

8:00am    Altar Servers:      John, Daniel, Shane

Sunday           Readers:      Joyce Cyrus, Karen Primeau (EM)

May 20              Ushers:      Ron Lloyd, David Bowman

10:30am   Altar Servers:      Christopher, Joseph, Brendan

Counters:     John & Carol Keeney, Jesse Evans


Saturday         Readers:     Daniel Strogis, Hazel Arruda (EM)

May 26              Ushers:     John & John Robert Clemente

5:00PM    Altar Servers:     Isaac, Adrian, & Vince

Sunday           Readers:      James Dillon, Louise Monticello (EM)

May 27                 Ushers:     Mike Monticello, Romie Powell

8:00am    Altar Servers:      Eric and Matthew

Sunday           Readers:      Len Whitehead, Karen Primeau (EM)

May 27              Ushers:      Ron Lloyd, Craig Lawson

10:30am   Altar Servers:     Joseph, Brendan, Jackson

Counters:     Chris & Tina Riley, Thomas Allsbury


Food Bank: The May items are toilet paper and jelly.


The tickets for the annual 5 Car Raffle have been mailed. This is the same raffle that we have always participated in. You will notice one change: the ticket returns are being processed at All Saints Church this year. This is a new requirement by the Department of Charitable Gaming. The raffle continues to benefit our parish and many other charitable causes throughout the diocese, as it has in the past. We hope that you will support our efforts by buying or selling your tickets.


Holy Land Olive Wood Carvings

On the weekend of June 2/3, 2018, the Bethlehem Carving Group will be conducting their annual sale of olive wood arts and crafts. These handmade carvings are made in the Holy Land by Christians of Bethlehem. The money raised supports the Holy Land Christians Society, a non-profit organization that supports the needs of the Christian community in the Holy Land. More information on their work is available at The funds raised from selling olive wood crafts have served as a stable source of income for many Christian families in the Holy Land. You can support them by purchasing some of these beautiful carvings after Mass. For more information, including a larger selection of carvings, which can be ordered directly from the website, visit, or call Butros Qumseya at (202) 302-5889.

Diocese Launches New Podcast!

‘Searching for More’ features interviews and discussions on a range of topics affecting Catholics in today’s world. Guests include clergy, local Catholics, doctors, technology experts, Catholic news anchors, and even Hollywood actors starring in epic biblical dramas. In addition to interviews, some podcasts will emanate from inspiring talks, speeches, homilies, and lectures given throughout the Diocese. The podcast is dedicated to the patronage of our diocesan saint, St. Thomas More. ‘Searching for More’ joins the ‘Walk Humbly’ and ‘Catholic Herald’ podcasts as diocesan audio offerings.