Pastor’s Reflection for 1-5-2020 ~ The Epiphany of Our Lord

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord. “Epiphany” simply means “manifestation.” The three wise men, the magi, represent all people of all languages and nationalities and to them is given the great manifestation of God: Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. What can we learn from these wise men? How can we enter more fully into the mystery of the Epiphany?

The wise men were seeking God. Prophetically, God had revealed to them that there would be a sign in the heavens, a star that would lead them to God’s great Epiphany. The Scriptures tell us “they were overjoyed at seeing the star.” We can only imagine the joy and excitement which overwhelmed the wise men – God was speaking to them and wanted to show Himself to them! They set out immediately knowing they had a long journey ahead, yet any required sacrifice would be well worth it, after all, they were hoping to come face to face with God!! Finally, they found the place where God had directed them. And the Scriptures say, “On entering the house they found the child with Mary his mother.” At this point no words were necessary. They were in the presence of perfect Love; they were in the presence of God! With great reverence they bowed low and offered their gifts: frankincense, gold and myrrh.

Two thousand years later every Christian heart wells with emotion at the thought of being in the same room with Mary and the Baby Jesus. What a privilege it would be to look into the face of the Immaculate Virgin Mary; what a breathtaking, humbling experience to look into the infant face of God! This Christmas season, God our Father, invites all His children to come to the Child Jesus and learn from Him. Of course, we cannot see Mary, Jesus and the magi with our physical eyes, yet we can enter this privileged house with the eyes of faith. Today, as in every generation since that first Christmas, God is faithfully inspiring His children to put away other things and make the journey to the holy place—you might say He is putting a star in our souls which will lead us to Christ. These stars, these inspirations, come in the form of a gentle reminder to pray, or to be patient, or to make a sacrifice and go the extra mile. Perhaps God is calling us to make time for Him, to enter into silent communion with Him, to open our hearts and seek His face, to meditate and form our minds after the mind of Christ. Like the magi, we all have a journey to make and gifts to bring. We may not have frankincense, but we have what it symbolizes: prayer and worship. What a beautiful gift to give to the Child Jesus! We may not have gold, but we can give our love and our time which is more precious than gold! We may not have myrrh, but we do have what this bitter herb symbolizes – we can graciously accept and even embrace the trials and sufferings that come our way in this life in imitation of Jesus who bore the sufferings of the world for our salvation. May God help us to follow the star that leads to Jesus. When we hear that still small inspirational voice of God, may we, like the wise men, be “overjoyed at seeing the star,” and realize that any required sacrifice to follow the star is well worth it; after all, we are being led to the breathtaking, humbling experience of looking into the infant face of God! Are you ready to make the journey? ~ Your Servant in Christ,   Father Terry Staples

Prayer List for our Sick and Special Needs~ Ignazio Abbene, Leah Adam, Matthew Adam, Nadia Anderson, Taylor Auth, Steve Barberio, Carmen Befumo, Joe Befumo, Paula Befumo, Kim Riley Bernhard, Stephen Bergstrom, Len Besterman, Blake Bethune, Dinoo Billimoria, Eliza Blazek, Kenny Blazek, Mark Bond, Mel Bond, Ronnie Bond, Betty Brown, CJ Brown, Kelly Buckingham, Declan Burke, Dr. Kristin Burns, Weston Bye, Logan Cannon, Eve Casella, Nathaniel Capps, John Chebuske, Marie Cherement, Bruce Clark, Harold Coldren, Adam Colvin, Max Cook, Betty Craft, Ed Cyrus, Mike Daddezio, Leonard Deeds, Caitlyn Dodd, Therese Donofrio, John A. Dormer, Jackie Early, Millard Edwards, Jenny Ernst, Jeannie Fedorek, Maria Ferraro, Jack Firiollo, Maureen Flanagan, Chris Fursman, Peggy Gaines, Thomas Garland, Shane Garner, Amy Gentry, Susan Gordy, Susan Gray, Vicky Gunnett, Alice Gunning, Elizabeth & Ernest Harbin, Mary Jo Harris, Edward Heynoski, Terri Hibbs, Ben Hochstetler, Alice Houska, Devin Humes, Alverna Hylton, Victoria Kavanaugh, Brooke Kemp, John Kulick, Mary & Ron Jorgensen, John Keeney, Craig Lawson, Nora Lloyd, Barbara Lonick, Mary Ann Mangum, Sherry Martin, Carol Masschelin, Cassandra Mattera, Brian McHugh, Donny McIver, Kim Metzer, Barbara Miller, Gerald Neal, Peggy Newman, Roselle Nicholson, Retta Noto, Jackie Olsen, Julie Pais, Barbara Pfeiffer, Caleb Phelps, Mione Phillips, Bernadette Pontious, Sarah Ponton, Bernard Poticha, Pauline Przybocki, Michael Rebar, Owen & Brittney & Annie Reed, Samuel Reeve, Hope Ritz, Jim Roberts, Tonie Roberts, Patricia Robinson, Abby Rundle, Alex Sandridge, Oscar Scott, Gary Smith, Linda Sorrentino, Alex Staples, Kathy Schuchart, Mike Staples, Tim Staples, Brigitte Staub, Tony Stone, Barbara Strogis, Theresa & Colton, Elizabeth Towles, Jenny Voissem, Mimi Voissem, Tara Von Kuhn, Owen Wangensteen, Margaret Ward, Thad Weaver, Michael White, Betty Wilson, Marie Young, Theresa Zanettis

Baptism of Our Lord Pot Luck Sunday Fun Brunch~ The Social Committee will sponsor a Pot Luck Sunday Fun Brunch next Sun, Jan 12, following the 10:30am Mass @ at 12 noon. Please bring your favorite breakfast item to share. The Social Committee will supply coffee, cream, juice & water. Signup sheet is in the gathering area.

Offerings for the Lord – December 25, 2019

Regular: $135.00        Solemnity of Mary: $100.00        Christmas: $5209.00

Sunday Offerings for the Lord – December 29, 2019

Regular: $4260.00   Building Maintenance Fund: $70.00   Poor Box: $50.00

Offerings for the Lord – January 1, 2020

Solemnity of Mary: $835.00          

Love Outreach Food Pantry for January~ Dish Detergent, Bathroom Tissue

Thank You Parishioners~ This Christmas, thanks to such gracious generosity, eight local families received at least two boxes of food, a turkey, beautiful presents for their family members, and stockings for children full of small toys and candies. Afterwards, we were even able to donate 66 pounds of food to the Love Outreach Food Pantry in Orange! Thank you all who participated in this year’s Angel Tree (presents, food, donations, and help!) May God continue to bless our parish as well as its charitable work by so many.

CHURCH INTERESTS FOR Jan 06 – Jan 10, 2020

Legion of Mary, Mon @ 12:30pm

Women of Grace, Tue @ 9:30am

RCIA, Tue @ 7:00pm

Calix Society, Wed @ 8:30am – 9:30am                    

Knights of Columbus @ 6:30pm

Adoration, Fri @ 1:00pm – 9:00pm          

A New Year Message from Thomas Marsh

The Mary Statue won’t arrive before the Octave ends, though I expect it to arrive by the feast of the Baptism of Jesus. But it is already officially en route during the Octave! It was trucked from the foundry in northern CA to South San Francisco on December 27th. Now it is being crated for the cross-country truck ride (the art shipper is closed until Thursday). The departure date from SSF is not exact, but I expect it will be early next week. Once it arrives in Orange, I still have several days of final touch ups: gold mosaic pieces, fine sanding and filing, patination, etc. I will keep you posted. Happy New Year! God Bless~ Thomas

Prayer List for our Loved Ones in the Armed Forces

CAPT Gretchen Blickle USA              LCPL Taylor Auth-Smith USMC

CAPT William Blickle, IV USA                       SPC Paul Williams, III USA

SGT Marc Bowman USMC                     Brian Collins                        

PO Chad Crawford USN                         LT Richard Day, III USA

A1C Stetsin Fielding USAF                      ENSN David Joubert              

CAPT Thadeous Larkin USA                    COL Jason Loschinskey USAF

PFC Ryan McWilliams USA                     LCPL Zachary Mitchell USMC

SFC Harrison Newton USA                    MAJ Aaron Pauli USAF

CDR Eric Pauli USN                                                SPC5 Robert Pauli USA

MAJ William Pauli USAF                         E3 Kevin Phillips USN

MSGT Matthew Phillips USAF                                2nd LT Kiara Pontious

CAPT Mitchell Przybocki USAF                              LT Daniel Robey USN

SK1 Angel Semerling USCG                       BM2 Lewis Semerling USCG

PO2 Sabrina Slack USCG                       ET1 Christopher Stone USN

SGT Gregory A. Sublett USA                  SSG John D. Sublett USA

2nd LT Edward Von Kuhn                        PVT Daniel Young USA

CAPT Evan Weaver USA                         CWO4 John Weaver USA      

The Epiphany – Vocation ~ “Opening their treasure chests, they offered Him gifts.”  Are you beginning to see your life as a gift to be given to the Lord as a priest, deacon, religious sister or brother? Call Father Michael Isenberg (703) 841-2514, or write:

2nd Annual March for Life – February 13, 2020 ~ Raise your voices in prayer and advocacy during the second annual Virginia March for Life in Richmond. Opening Mass at 9:15 a.m. with Bishop Michael Burbidge and Bishop Barry Knestout. The rally will take place at the State Capitol at 11:45 a.m. and the March will begin at 12:45 p.m. Contact your parish Respect Life Coordinator for more information or visit the Virginia Catholic Conference website at

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Prayer Warriors needed for the Opioid Crisis Response~ The Opioid Response Prayer team needs silent “Prayer Warriors”, to join our team in prayer, with petitions of concerns for those  who are struggling with the effects of addiction to Opioids and other substances. Please email to sign up at . You can pray anytime anywhere for so many who are struggling. Please join; God is waiting

Donate your car to Catholic Charities/help a family become self-reliant

If you are thinking of replacing your old car with something new, please consider donating your old car to Catholic Charities. We take used vehicles and give them directly to families in desperate need of transportation. We accept nonworking cars to fund our volunteer programs. We handle all the paperwork. You receive an IRS donation receipt. To donate, email or call (703) 841-3898. 

“For he shall save the needy when they cry, the poor, and those who are helpless. He will have pity on the weak & the needy, and save the lives of the needy.” Psalm 72 (71)

Our Readers, Eucharistic Ministers Ushers & Altar Servers

Saturday Readers/EM: Joe Pauli, Patricia Harbin (EM) 

Jan 04       Ushers:         John Clemente, John Robert Clemente

5:00pm  Altar Server:   Abby B, Joseph B

Sunday    Readers/EM: Charlcie Fielding, Mary Ann Behnke (EM)

Jan 05       Ushers:            Romie Powell, Aubrey Treakle

8:00am  Altar Servers: Christopher E, Peter E, Katherine K

Sunday   Readers/EM:   Joyce Cyrus, Karen Primeau (EM)                            

Jan 05      Ushers:           Ron Lloyd, David Bowman

10:30am Altar Servers:   Joseph L, Grace S

                 Counters:     John & Carol Keeney, Jesse Evans


Saturday Readers/EM: Joe Pauli, Cheryl Pauli (EM)

Jan 11      Ushers:              John Robert Clemente, John Phelps

5:00pm   Altar Servers:   Isaac A, Adrian A, Vince A

Sunday     Readers/EM:   James Dillon, Mary Ann Behnke (EM)

Jan 12      Ushers:             Mike Monticello, Gordon Genovese                        

8:30am   Altar Servers: Eric M, Matthew M, Shane B

Sunday     Readers/EM:   Carolyn Comes, Karen Primeau (EM)    

Jan 12       Ushers:             Ron Lloyd, Craig Lawson

10:30am   Altar Servers:   Christopher E, Peter E, Katherine K

                   Counters:      Chris & Tina Riley, Thomas Allsbury

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington Website ~ This website includes a resource page where parishioners can access information regarding the recent events affecting the Church. Read the policies on child protection and responses to the crisis from Bishop Burbidge and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops at  

Mass Intentions for Two Weeks

                                     (Jan 04 –Jan 10)                           (Jan 11 – Jan 17)  

Sat:     9:00am                  open                                                N/A

Sat:    5:00pm Deceased Members/Henas Family     Parishioners              

Sun:     8:00a               Tony Zuniga                           +Paul Dolenc  

           10:30am          Parishioners                            +John Zdanowicz        

Mon:   8:30am           Beatrice Brown                     +Carole Flauraud  

Tue:     8:30am      +Our Mother, Dolores               Women of Grace    

Wed:   12:15pm    +Paul Dolenc                              +Alma Miller  

Fri:     12:15pm    +Teresa & +Greg Comes         +Teresa & Greg Comes

January 5th Steward Reflection ~ “Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”   MATTHEW 2:11. The image of the Magi kneeling before the infant Jesus and opening their treasure chests for Him is an image that we should all try to follow each day.  In gratitude for all that we have been given, we are called to generously share all of our gifts, not just the ones we pick and choose.  God wants us to be generous with everything, but especially that one thing that means the most to you.

St Elizabeth Ann Seton ~ Patron Saint of Grief ~ January 4~ Take a biography with you in the gathering area